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Emissions Visualization and Optimization for Plant Facilities /Aura-Shape Brazil

Aura is a greenhouse gas emissions measurement and optimization solution for plant facilities,
Aura is used in the oil & gas, paper, power generation, and mining industries,
It provides three main functions: 1. monitoring, 2. surveillance, and 3. optimization.

1. Monitoring is used to monitor the operating conditions of plants and equipment.
The platform integrates and manages data on operational status across multiple plants, and enables KPI management of indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency for each plant and equipment to enable detailed, real-time monitoring.

2. Surveillance estimates the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that could occur.
While monitoring aims to understand the status of operations from a medium- to long-term perspective, surveillance supports the understanding of changes in operations from a short-term perspective and prompt and appropriate actions for emission reductions based on those changes.

3. Optimization proposes optimization of plant and equipment operation.
AI analyzes various types of data, including operating conditions, and suggests optimal equipment settings, repair and maintenance timing, switching to spare equipment, etc. AI supports ad hoc settings by operators.

By using Aura, plant facilities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5-10% (depending on each company's existing operations).

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