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Air conditioning optimization (cloud-based) /GeM2-Mitsui Knowledge Industries (MKI)

Creating an environment that maintains comfort and decarbonization through automatic air conditioning control.

Maintaining indoor comfort while keeping energy costs low is a major challenge for customers with multiple locations, such as cinema complexes and commercial facilities. In addition, as efforts toward a decarbonized society progress, there is a growing need for decarbonization of air conditioning systems, which account for a large percentage of a building's total energy consumption.

Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. (MKI) proposes a solution to this issue by providing automatic control of air conditioning equipment in accordance with the environment through its cloud-based energy conservation management service, GeM2.
The service collects temperature and humidity information for each indoor area and optimally controls air conditioning at 10-minute intervals. The system not only operates/shuts down the air conditioning, but also performs meticulous control, such as changing the temperature setting and air conditioning mode according to the environment of each area, to promote energy conservation while maintaining comfort.
In addition, by providing a CO2 emissions comparison report, we will promote the reduction of CO2 emissions through energy-saving control of air conditioning equipment as an initiative for decarbonization.

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