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Facility Energy Optimization /Mitsui Foresight (MBF)

Mitsui & Co. Foresight Ltd. ("Mitsui Foresight") is engaged in the "energy service business," which realizes energy conservation through facility renovation and operation of buildings, utilizing the know-how cultivated through the management of a wide variety of facilities,
Mitsui Foresight is engaged in the "Energy Service Business," which realizes energy conservation through the renovation and operation of building facilities, utilizing the know-how accumulated through the management of a wide variety of facilities.
This business is a so-called asset-owning (subscription-type) facility management service in which the facilities are owned by Mitsui Foresight.

Mitsui Foresight also operates and maintains energy-related facilities such as mega solar power plants and biomass power plants.
We can also propose the introduction of renewable energy facilities on an asset-ownership basis.
We provide comprehensive support for facility management and operation, including energy services to realize energy savings.

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