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Mitsui is working with Hakuhodo on "Earth hacks," a co-creation platform to promote a decarbonized society through the actions of individual "sei-katsu-sha" (consumer).
To achieve Japan's goal of a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by FY2030, a 66% reduction in household emissions is required, but many sei-katsu-sha feel that they do not know what they can do to contribute to decarbonization. Earth hacks" is a co-creation platform for those interested in decarbonization, providing information on lifestyles and ethical products that they would like to incorporate into their own lives, and developing decarbonization-related products, services, and businesses based on sei-katsu-sha feedback, In July 2022, we partnered with Doconomy, a Swedish company, to launch the Decarbo Score, a system that visualizes the rate of reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional products.
By combining the Hakuhodo Group's sei-katsu-sha perspectives and creativity with Mitsui's decarbonization solutions and domestic and overseas networks, and through information dissemination and content development, we will grow this into a decarbonization initiative that will engage sei-katsu-sha and have an impact on society together with them. We plan to expand this initiative with sei-katsu-sha through idea-thons, business creation and product development initiated by Generation Z, and the creation of content for this process.
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