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Label Mount Paper Circulation Recycling /Resource Recycling Project-Mitsui Bussan Chemicals

Image Source: J4CE (Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan)(as a December, 2023)
Mitsui Bussan Chemicals Co.,Ltd., together with NEION Film Coating Corp., TOYOBO Co., Ltd., Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. and Toppan Infomedia Co., Ltd. In the domestic manufacturing industry as a whole, 116 million square meters of label backing paper is used per month, most of which is disposed of or incinerated without being collected or reused. This project is an environmentally friendly initiative to replace these label mounts with recycled PET film (dedicated recycling mount), which is collected after use and recycled into the same dedicated recycling mount through material recycling, thereby reducing label mount waste to zero. Mitsui Bussan Chemicals plays a role in calculating CO2 emission reductions, expanding sales of the project, and promoting the project.

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